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About CMA


● Publication of management-related materials, Dissemination of new ideas and know-how

Publish reading materials on academic disciplines, management practices, and general subjects. Edit works for management readers and management dictionaries, dissemination of new concepts and know-how in management.

 Holding different types of management related seminars for the efficient upgrade of management skills in the country

Hold different types of seminars for the needs of the government and private enterprises, and for the efficient upgrade of management skills through the integration of theories and practices in management.

 Advocacy and realization of government policy and strengthening cross-straits exchanges

Ø   Continue the advocacy of government policies and serve as channels for the enterprises to access information.

Ø   To help the government in the pursuit of policies through the arrangement of exhibitions and media communication.

Ø   Intensify cross-straits exchange to strengthen the learning of management knowledge on both sides.

 Acting as the liaison between the government and the enterprises, and giving timely recommendations to the government

Act as the bridge between the government and private enterprises through colloquium for the administrators of enterprises and give timely recommendations to the government, so that the government can make sound policies for proper pursuit.

 Assisting government agencies or enterprises in drafting research plans for facilitating the attainment of goals

Prepare management plans for the appointment of the government and private enterprises. The Association will invite scholars and management professionals to implement the plan, so that the objectives could be properly attained.

 Serving as a source of new management information for the enterprises

Install a viable online inquiry system in conjunction with the development of eCommerce for the inquiry of the enterprises on new knowledge in management.

 Advocacy of full-range corporate management consultation services for strengthening the corporate organizations

Ø   Continue to provide full-range consultations to different industries, intensify our efforts in consultation services to SMEs in financial management and internal control, and strengthen the alliances with other consulting firms.

Ø   Advocacy of international and national quality accreditation and related consultation services in full-range to help vitalize corporate organizations.

 Recruitment of more members with the reinforcement of communications and services with the members

Ø   Invite people with experience in management practice and research from the governments, corporate world, and the academic circle to become a part of the Association.

Ø   The Association will deliver written materials or information on online inquiry services regularly.

 Arrangement of training programs for the enterprises in the development of management talents

Upgrade the management capacity and human resources quality of the enterprises through internal training, and help the enterprises develop management talents, and become attuned to modernized, professional and diversified development.

 Helping the enterprises create a sustainable environment

Education on government policies through the planning and execution of seminars, design and implement internal training programs for the enterprises and institution of internal regulations in conformity to the applicable laws. Assist and supervise enterprises to establish a research and development management system to create an environment for sustainable development.